Homeowners who have had bids from other foundation repair companies are blown away when they see our prices. They ask, how can you do it for so much less (assuming price is somehow connected to quality)? Our competition says, “Don’t worry about why our price is so high, why is their price so low”?

The fact remains, even though our quality and technology is lightyears ahead of our competition, our price is only 1/3rd to 1/2 the cost of other foundation repair companies. And, while some think it’s because we don’t have salesmen, the fact is it is our patented technology. 

So, we had to come up with something more than just our engineering, we needed to show our team in action by bringing people under the house with us to see firsthand what we do. With the help two world class cinematographers we were able to do just that! Check out the video below and we'll take you on a journey under your home to see firsthand why Sure Safe EFS is the best of the best!

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/VIXsuWhgFNE