Five reasons to choose Sure Safe

Sure Safe is dedicated to making your home strong again. Here are five reasons we believe you’ll want to trust us with your foundation repair.

1. No salespeople

Sure Safe does not employ commissioned salespeople. You can rest easy knowing your inspection comes with no strings attached. We’ll help you build a repair plan with only the necessary repairs to bring your foundation to safe standards. Let our professionals make your home strong again.


2. Get an engineer certified inspection and repair plan

Sure Safe’s engineers inspect all aspects of the foundation when assessing foundation status. Our professional engineers submit their repair plans to the building department for structural review, ensuring all repairs or improvements to your home have been officially reviewed.


3. Faster, more convenient repair

Many conventional methods of foundation repair require extensive digging, excavation or the lifting of a home to apply repairs. These complex repair methods can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Sure Safe’s methods allows us to effect stronger repairs in considerably less time. Many repairs can be made in as little as one day. We know how important quick and effective repairs are, and will work hard to get your home back to you as quickly as possible.


4. Pay as little as ⅓ industry standard prices

Standard foundation repair costs can skyrocket quickly, easily jumping into the tens of thousands of dollars. Sure Safe’s proprietary methods can cut costs to one third industry standard costs, while providing stronger, site-specific foundation repairs.


5. Take advantage of our EV-1 Technology

So how does Sure Safe do it? Repairs in half the time, one third the cost, and more convenient than traditional foundation repair. That would be thanks to our EV-1 Technology, which allows Sure Safe to provide a stronger foundation formed specifically to your homes soil conditions. Sure Safe’s method is the only system that can address foundation issues without moving or lifting the home.

Still not convinced? Contact us today and let us show you how the Sure Safe method is right for you.

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