Home floor repair through a better foundation

A sloping or uneven floor is a common symptom of foundation settling. While some settling is normal, excessive drooping of the floor, walls, or ceilings can be a sign of serious issues. These often result in:

  • Cracks in the walls

  • Warped or shifted areas

  • Doors or windows not fitting

  • Water damage

What are the causes of a warped floor?

The most common cause of a sloping or uneven floor comes from the soil beneath the foundation settling over time. Occasionally the soil will settle unevenly causing a structure to shift in ways that can damage the foundation. Some causes of soil shifting include: 

  1. Moisture or water damage
    Water from increased humidity, broken pipes, or other sources can cause soil to erode or compact in ways that damage the foundation and cause the home to shift.

  2. Soil compression
    Over time the weight of a home can cause the foundation to compress and move as lighter soils compact together. As portions of the home shift the foundation can be damaged resulting in a weak floor.

  3. Weak soil
    Sometimes foundations are built without consideration of the soil conditions of the land. When the soil can’t support the weight of the home, gravity takes over and the home will shift downward. This is why Sure Safe always takes soil strength and conditions into consideration when creating a foundation repair plan.

How do I fix an uneven or warped floor?

Unfortunately there is not a DIY solution to an uneven floor when the root cause is the foundation. To fix and uneven or warped floor it’s essential to address the problem and not the symptom. By repairing the foundation, the floors with proper support can return to their flush and even state.

Conventional methods of foundation repair often require digging out, or lifting the home to repair cracked stem walls, when the real problem is inside the stem walls. With Sure Safe technology we can create a stronger foundation without the need for such extensive and costly solutions.  Sure Safe’s EV-1 Technology allows us to create soil specific geo-formed foundation repair solutions explicitly for your home.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can repair your foundation and get your floors back to normal.

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