Chris May

Poway, CA

The team arrived on time and inspected the crawl space and condition of my existing foundation under my house-taking pictures of their findings in October 2015. These were shared with me the following week by the company representative in my home. He discussed what needed to be done and showed me the equipment used to stop the progressing movement of my house and securing of the posts and beams to bring my 1926 house foundation up to code standards. The work was done in increments and the last step done after the engineering details and permit application were delayed until Jan. 2016 due to my absence for several weeks. The team worked securing the existing materials with heavy metal connections and after setting up the steel supports, concrete was poured to secure everything. The team spent 8 hours working under the house on two days. They set up equipment and worked continuously until the phase was complete. They were courteous and efficient and the finished job yield results in that my doors were put in aligned position and closed correctly for the first time in nearly 20 years. I would highly recommend this company.