EV-1 Footing System

Why is the EV-1 Footing System superior to all other crawl space foundation repairs?

The EV-1 is a proprietary system that is a departure from conventional engineering wisdom. In California, the theory behind footings and soil pressure are based on soil pressures being 1500 psi once you have dug down 18”, above that soil pressure will only be 1000 psi, hence an 18” footing 18’ deep will support 2,250 of vertical load before settling. The surface formed EV-1 footing system is 9-square feet and when adjusted to 800 psi in our engineering (the equivalent of beach sand) it will support 7,200 lbs. which is 4,950 lbs. stronger than an 18”x18” poured footing.


How can the EV-1 Footing System out perform all other repairs for JUST 1/3rd the cost?

Many homeowners spend enormous sums of money having their stem walls repaired when the real problem is never addressed because in conventional thinking it can’t be repaired. For conventional wisdom, it is very expensive and mostly impossible to dig a footing 18”x18” in a crawl space that is only 22” high.  The EV-1 is the first and only repair that addresses these issues without moving or lifting the home.


How does the EV-1 Footing System address stem wall issues?

Posts that support girders in many homes are typically placed at 8’oc; the girders support floor joists which are 14” to 22” oc. These structural members create a load path which the home was built on. When one of these structural members is not working the loads transfer to those that are carrying loads eventually causing structural integrity failure. When this occurs, girders start to bow from lack of support and stem walls start to crack. By repairing the structural wood members and adding the  EV-1 footing the loads placed ion the stem walls are transferred back to the structural wood members.


What makes the EV-1 Footing System unique?

The Sure Safe EV-1 System is a proprietary method of using fabric to form 9-
square foot poured in place concrete footings to prevent lateral movement of
posts and piers under crawl space homes without moving or lifting the home
while providing the following life and property saving benefits:

  • protects against ground and dwelling vibrations, and that cause posts and stem walls to settle and move.
  • provides simultaneous bracing of adjacent girders and achieves a firm abutment of the post ground connection, producing a unitized effect to the entire crawl space home.
  • anchors and stabilizes vintage crawl space homes lacking proper connection to its foundation while bracing new or existing posts quickly and expediently on substantially any size crawl space home.
  • secures wood or metal post to the ground by sheer weight and sliding resistance and is considered by the experts to be a dramatic and important breakthrough in earthquake retrofit technology that will save lives and property when the next big one hits.


Now you know how the Sure Save EV-1 Footing System provides a superior repair at 1/3rd the cost of outdated conventional repair methods.