Foundation Services

Specializing in historic homes and crawl space homes of all types, Sure Safe® brings to bear over 30 years of experience, excellence and ethics to the foundation repair industry. Our foundation repair systems are designed by top engineers to provide maximum protection for historic and crawl space homes of all types.

Today's marketplace is growing increasingly competitive with the skyrocketing demand for vintage homes built on safe crawlspace foundations.  Over the years, many of these homes have settled and require costly foundation repair before they can be sold.

Experience has taught us that the weakest point of the crawlspace home foundation is the concrete footings which fragment and settle over time. As footings settle, the house loads that are no longer supported are then shifted to posts and piers that are still supporting the structure, triggering overload forces to girders and joists while simultaneously creating a domino effect that leads to foundation failure. Like high blood pressure, all too often the problem goes unnoticed until its too late.

Sure Safe EFS has announced the issuance of US Patent No. 9,816,281, issued November 14, 2017. which relates to an advanced foundation repair technology and seismic retrofitting for crawl space homes.

Before the 281 patent was issued, there has never been a way to install cast-in-place concrete footings without moving or lifting the house to attain sufficient desired bearing capacity. Cast-in-place concrete footings are durable and resilient to earthquakes and provide greater bearing capacity insuring safety, strength, and stability to the home.

The 281 patent has been developed with a view toward saving homes and lives during large seismic events by implementing a footing support and bracing system that will secure wood and metal posts to the ground by sheer weight and sliding resistance. Currently many of these homes are not even attached to their foundation.

The 281 patent is a high impact structural system that provides a support mechanism for a series of structural supports within a fabric formed footing which are positioned to engage the entire structural system of the house while simultaneously bracing adjacent girders and producing a unitized effect of the entire crawl space.  Moreover, the system does not require moving or lifting the house and can be installed in as little as one day at 1/3rd the cost of other foundation repairs. which can take up to weeks or months.