George P.

San Diego, CA

I have an 1100 sq. ft. craftsman home built in 1917.  A 30 ft. section of the stem wall along the south side of the building was failing.  A crack was previously repaired by the previous owner with an epoxy and after 9 years the crack was getting larger and 2 other small ones appeared.  I got several quotes as almost every company I spoke with had a different solution to the problem.  I was getting quotes for repairing the south wall only as well as installing a whole new pier system.  The home had several low spots and the entire home was being supported by only 2 girders.  As my future plans include a kitchen remodel I wanted to install a stronger more secure foundation system.  Since every quote had different solutions for my issues it’s hard to compare price since they are not apple to apple comparisons.  However, with that being said my quotes ranged as high as 40k.

I researched for a couple weeks before deciding to go with the Sure Safe foundation system.  The price of $16,300 included 5 new treated wood girders spanning the width of the house, 25 wood posts with a 9 sq. ft. concrete footing installed every 7 ft., all permits, and a transferrable lifetime warranty.  

This system eliminated the need to replace the stem walls as this new system would secure and support the home and I felt it addressed most of my concerns for a great price.  My only reservation was that this Sure Safe system is fairly new.  However, after doing some research and having several conversations with the owner of Sure Safe, Art, and a couple friends of mine in the construction business I was confident this system would meet my needs.  I would recommend them to anyone with a pier and post system in need of repair.  Art was the owner and main contact, he was readily available and easy to speak with.  The 4 guys that performed the work were all great.  The entire job took three days to complete.