I have an old home, built 1924 and flooring shifted and Sure Safe stabled my foundation by installing extra girders where needed and then installed 20 steel supports and security with cement. Wow!! My house doesn't move anymore.
The Sure Safe engineer and staff were very professional and responsive. The timeline was spot on and punctual. They explained everything they were going to do and did it that way. There were no surprises!
I have 7-15 inches of crawl space under my house and Joe and his partners crawled, belly crawled and burrowed their way through all areas of my home to ensure the supports were placed and mounted properly. At first I thought they couldn't do it, but they did!! The came out of the crawl space with a bit of dirt on their face and in their mouth, but the work was done properly as described to me.
I highly recommend Sure Safe for foundation supports!!


Chris May, Poway, CA
The team arrived on time and inspected the crawl space and condition of my existing foundation under my house-taking pictures of their findings in October 2015. These were shared with me the following week by the company representative in my home. He discussed what needed to be done and showed me the equipment used to stop the progressing movement of my house and securing of the posts and beams to bring my 1926 house foundation up to code standards. The work was done in increments and the last step done after the engineering details and permit application were delayed until Jan. 2016 due to my absence for several weeks. The team worked securing the existing materials with heavy metal connections and after setting up the steel supports, concrete was poured to secure everything. The team spent 8 hours working under the house on two days. They set up equipment and worked continuously until the phase was complete. They were courteous and efficient and the finished job yield results in that my doors were put in aligned position and closed correctly for the first time in nearly 20 years. I would highly recommend this company.


Lynette Ruhl, San Diego, CA 
Sure Safe did the work in less time they planned for, they were very clean, respectful, and knowledgeable, this is my very first house so they educated me to some extent about the matter, they fix and secure the 6 piers, they installed 9 piers even though they have initially only quoted me for 8. (no extra charge). It is rare to work with people that I have not known before and get this sense of thrust and sureness.  The owner of the company came out and supervise that the job was done to standard and quality he demand. They plan the logistic of parking and asked permission to my neighbor so the truck can park (the house is on a hill) very happy and grateful to work with Sure Safe. I will recommend them hands down.


Jimmy Coia, President
Wholesale Manufactured Homes has decades of experience in all facets of the manufactured home industry. Unlike many manufactured home dealers our experience is not limited to selling. We have experience in operating manufactured home dealerships, mobile home parks and manufactured home construction companies throughout the country. Wholesale Manufactured Homes prides itself on satisfying our customers which means when it comes to foundations we use Sure Safe EFS because we care about our customers and the performance of our homes. We highly recommend Sure Safe because of its work and its dedication to customers!


A Christine M Ducey - Oceanside, CA
Art and his son evaluated our foundation stability. They walked through the house noting our concerns and noting any problems inside. They then went under the house to evaluate the foundation. We were extremely happy with the service that was provided by Sure Safe. Another company (not an Angie's list company) had made an evaluation of our foundation and estimated the repairs to be $9,000. We asked two Angie's list companies to do the same evaluation. Sure Safe's evaluation indicated that no repairs were needed and our foundation is solid. We also had Russ from RAD out and he concurred that the foundation was in good shape. We were not charged for the evaluation! We would have been happy to pay Art and his son for their time but they insisted it was a free evaluation. We are happy to hear that our foundation is in good shape and were 100% happy with the service Sure Safe provided.


Kathleen Dolphin - San Diego, CA
In a word: Awesome! Art Angelo and Denise Jackson gave an excellent presentation on the simple logic and affordability of the Sure Safe Engineered Foundation System. This was a 'no mess' seamless two-day process with no disruption to our home life. The life-time, 100% transferrable warrantee gives us total confidence and peace of mind that we are firmly planted. The city building inspector looked at the work and their plans a week later and signed off in a few minutes stating that "Oh, these systems are great! There is never a problem." We can highly recommend this company for their excellent customer service, professionalism, and for this outstanding product - a foundation with a warrantee that is 100% transferrable upon sale and re-sale of the house.


Nancy Hindle-Garibay
They came in and replaced the previously installed post and pier foundation on our Manufactured Home. The foundation repairs done for our escrow to clear was done by another contractor. It was below industry standards and was unsafe. After the purchase was complete we noticed that the doors were not closing properly and the floor seemed to slope slightly in the living room area. We contacted Sure Safe and they came out and fixed everything!!! They kept in touch to make sure that the foundation remained strong and safe. I would definitely recommend this Company for any foundation work. The crew and management are respectful and considerate of the homeowners needs. They make a point to answer all concerns the homeowner may have and to provide top quality work.


Justin Davis, Sacramento, CA
Saved a home in escrow from falling out of escrow by helping my buyers and I get out of a tough bind. Truly an enormous help, sale wouldn't have finalized without Art and Sure Safe. In contract on home in old Sacramento, CA neighborhood where foundation needed serious structural repair. Low dollar amount on property and cost to repair was $35k, until we identified Sure Safe an Art Angelo. I dealt with Art personally and he worked to find someone familiar with Sure Safe methods to give us a price quote for an alternative method to repair foundation - quote was for $10k. In short, Art and Sure Safe saved this deal for me and Art was available by phone whenever I needed to communicate with him. Service was outstanding and so was quality of work - my buyers and I are quite grateful to Art for his willingness to help us and get my buyers into their first home. 100-year-old foundation now is a good as new.


Tamara Ames - San Diego, CA
They were the only company out of 3 that actually went under the house to look at the problem. They came back with pictures of the issues and solutions that were reasonably priced for the type of work. They are a very professional company and get the work done quickly. The only issue that we had was with the permit process but I think that Art was able to work that out so that it won't be a problem for future clients. I would use this company again if the need arises.


Roni Galgano - San Diego, CA
Sure Safe EFS installed a new foundation support/rehab of my home in Jan. Art Angelo, owner, was honest and fair. Installers were hard-working and professional. It amazes me that the entire project was done in a single day. My 1927 home's floors feel more solid now. I had never heard of this system (Mr. Angelo's invention, I believe) and was a bit hesitant over it and the price. But, I have no regrets and am very happy with out-come.


Crystal Pollard - San Diego, CA
Put Sure Safe foundation system on our raised foundation to secure it. I couldn't ask for a better service. We saved appx. $14,000 over the standard foundation secures all piers to the ground, making our foundation stable and earthquake-proof. A great company, with great people!


Randy Gibson - Hemet, CA
We own a 1,400 square foot cabin in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California that was built in 1962 and completely remodeled in 1987. We had some settling and doors that would not latch and contacted several foundation specialists. Sure Safe installed their patented system of foundation stabilizers that made an incredible difference in the structural integrity of our home.


Judith Cohen - Vista, CA
Professional inspection of the foundation of my mobile home. The house is over 40 years old. The technician that came out to inspect and take photos of the foundation of our mobile home was professional, courteous and very thorough. He also brought to my attention about some additional issues occurring in the back of my mobile home where water could be getting underneath the house and making the soil wet. I had a very positive experience with Sure Safe for the inspection and I would highly recommend this company for excellent service.


Mark L. - Escondido, CA
Wow this is an amazing company I met with the owner art and lead inspector Mel and they came out inspected my home gave me the best deal on a real foundation not like this other company I had come out talking about replacing v braces with no engineering. Now that I had sure safe replace my foundation it feels like I'm walking on a concrete slab home. Thanx sure safe


George P.
San Diego, CA

I have an 1100 sq. ft. craftsman home built in 1917.  A 30 ft. section of the stem wall along the south side of the building was failing.  A crack was previously repaired by the previous owner with an epoxy and after 9 years the crack was getting larger and 2 other small ones appeared.  I got several quotes as almost every company I spoke with had a different solution to the problem.  I was getting quotes for repairing the south wall only as well as installing a whole new pier system.  The home had several low spots and the entire home was being supported by only 2 girders.  As my future plans include a kitchen remodel I wanted to install a stronger more secure foundation system.  Since every quote had different solutions for my issues it’s hard to compare price since they are not apple to apple comparisons.  However, with that being said my quotes ranged as high as 40k.

I researched for a couple weeks before deciding to go with the Sure Safe foundation system.  The price of $16,300 included 5 new treated wood girders spanning the width of the house, 25 wood posts with a 9 sq. ft. concrete footing installed every 7 ft., all permits, and a transferrable lifetime warranty.  

This system eliminated the need to replace the stem walls as this new system would secure and support the home and I felt it addressed most of my concerns for a great price.  My only reservation was that this Sure Safe system is fairly new.  However, after doing some research and having several conversations with the owner of Sure Safe, Art, and a couple friends of mine in the construction business I was confident this system would meet my needs.  I would recommend them to anyone with a pier and post system in need of repair.  Art was the owner and main contact, he was readily available and easy to speak with.  The 4 guys that performed the work were all great.  The entire job took three days to complete. 


Harout Kamiksisian
My house was laying on jacks that were rusting out and decompressing. My house was starting to crack in various places, sink and lose stability. Sure Safe came in, removed all the jacks and in place installed a unique structural system and will keep my house safe from any seismic activity along with any further damage. Before I had the work done, I could jump in the house and it felt like it was going to fall apart. Now, it feels like I am jumping on concrete. Unbelievable. Sure Safe not only saved my house, but allowed me to start resting again at night knowing my house is safe. On top of this the owner, Art, always answered any questions I had any time I called which meant very much to me because it showed that he cared about his customers.


Richard Seward - Santee, CA
Sure Safe EFS recently retrofitted my home home's foundation. Sure Safe EFS is very professional. They are very honest. They are always responsive and answer all of your questions. We were very satisfied with the prices.


Cynthia D. - Vista, CA
I had this system installed under my home about a year ago and the benefits were evident from day one. I was more than happy with the entire process. The work crew was very professional and efficient, even taking the time out to answer all of my questions in between their hard labor. I was provided with my city permit, copies of the engineering and before & after photos of my foundation. The house felt so much more sturdy and secure within the first few days, I couldn't believe it! My kids used to run around the corner and my entire entertainment center would wobble and vibrate. After the Sure Safe system was in, it doesn't move at all. That was proof enough for me. Overall, probably the best investment I've made. The home is secure and safe. Great company, highly recommend.


Simon D. - San Diego, CA
We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method" we had two other bids that estimated a completion time of 10 days to 3 weeks. Needless to say we were excited when we were told you could complete the job in one day! This combined with a letter of approval from HUD and a letter from an independent structural engineer helped reassure the lender that the foundation was compliant. We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method. It was a pleasure working with your company. I look forward to recommending your company to other potential manufactured home buyers.


Pamela Edwards
"Art, Remember us? We live in Westcliffe, Colorado and your system passed the test!!! Last weekend, we had hurricane force winds of more than 100 mph. The wind broke out some windows, took out our goat shed, made the house shake, but the foundation stood firm! It’s great and we’re thankful!"


Francesca Carey, CEO, FABMAC Homes, Inc. Hawaii
"Since 1994, the owners of FABMAC Homes, Inc. in Hawaii have been using the Sure Safe® Foundation System, because this system is HUD approved, site specific, and earthquake and Hurricane rated."


Billy R., PA
"It’s about time! I wish I would have known about this product 6 months ago."


Gary, Vancouver, Washington
"Thanks! It's encouraging to finally see an innovation that will eliminate structural problems associated with manufactured home foundations."


Gerald Black
"I'm amazed at the results of my foundation . . . what a difference it has made. Just walking from room to room you can actually feel the improved firmness of the added support. Generally, the whole home feels solid, a secure feeling for sure."


Ruth M., 
"We are very satisfied with the foundation . . . and, just like you said, it’s like walking on a concrete floor. We will now be as safe and secure as possible in our home; we will recommend the Sure Safe® foundation to everyone!"


Martha, Fallbrook, California
"I’m looking for a new home. It is good to know we have choices as I am sure we will not be told of all our choices when we go to buy."


Judy Peterson
"We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method"
We had two other bids that estimated a completion time of 10 days to 3 weeks. Needless to say we were excited when we were told you could complete the job in one day! This combined with a letter of approval from HUD and a letter from an independent structural engineer helped reassure the lender that the foundation was compliant. We were so impressed with your “Sure Safe” method. It was a pleasure working with your company